Albert Einstein’s saw a future of idiot generation

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“I fear the day that technology will surpass ourhuman interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

This was a very simple warning by a genius brain who can actually realize the future because he was the one who was giving birth to few new innovation at that time. He was always into some or the other action to come up with some brilliant and innovative ideas on this planet. We have been agreeing with him on lots of consideration and we also respect this man a lot for his innovation.

According to me he was afraid of Smartphone may be he knew this fact that one day there would be an device which would be easy to handle and access anywhere and this would create an very less interaction between Human’s.

I don’t think there is anything funny in this, if we think we have actually got brain and we are the one who is creating these technologies and we have given much more power and importance to these technologies then to be given to some respectful person in our life.

Inormally don’t have a problem with people using this device as we all say thatthis is a daily use now and we can’t survive without it.

Generally I would like to ask each one of us thatis it actually true?

Do these gadgets have so much power that they canrule our emotion?

I really wonder why we are doing so. I know each one of us understands that this is not a right thing to do, I mean with sitting and going on and on with some or the other gadget, we must be thinking it is cool I have so many gadgets to interact with, but in the mean while you are creating your own world which is damaging lots of important part of your life and this would be only realized when you are in actual need.

Have you ever realized that you normally don’t talk to a person sitting in front of you as much as you talk to him or her while you meet the same person on some messaging or social networking? Why is it so?  

This is because it is easy to type by keeping behind your emotion and feeling and even real expression’s which are just hidden in you text message, sometime it does fetch something good out of it but normally this leads to misunderstanding a fight or something weird between someone whom u do need many time.

Let’s understand a simple topic that doesn't let these technologies to fool you. You should be having enough brain to understand where to use them and how other then wasting you complete time skills giving more importance to these technologies then your parents loved once or important people in your life.

My intentions are not to prove technology’s as an wrong invention but to remind you that Genius (Albert Einstein) was himself worried about the generation been idiot one day.

Let’s Prove our generation isn’t idiot yet…

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