Best Smart Phones Launched In Year 2012

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In this era of technology the feud is too tough within the mobile manufacturing companies to give out their best phones to their user . The phones what we talking here are the Smart Phones . The time of the sluggish phones are past now. With the introduction of  new mobile OS  Windows Phone the competition has gone to high now with Android and iOS .
I will be ranking the smart phones  below based on their quality and pricing and features .
1.  Right on top of the chart is all new Samsung Galaxy S III 
The Galaxy S III is undoubtedly the most powerful and polished Android smartphone at the moment. 

2. Even after the launch of its  successor iPhone 5 still in the ranking Apple iPhone 4s ranks second. 
 The iPhone 4S offers the most fluid smartphone experience with class-leading features and  imaging .  

3. In this list  HTC One X  comes third .The quad-core Tegra 3-powered HTC One X is an exceptional device, with great performance and looks. Due to various pros this device stands here in the ranking .  These reasons are 
- powerful
- Very good display
- Slim chassis
- Built well, even though it is just plastic
- Looks fantastic

4. The Nokia 808 PureView is possibly the best cameraphone ever made. Any feature above and beyond the camera is basically a bonus. Symbian won't really be the OS .There is also various others pros they are : 
- By far the best cameraphone around
- Photos show the difference when really zoomed in on
- Typical Nokia call quality - brilliant
- Excellent battery life
- Bulky, but solidly built
- The white finish looks classy

5. Nokia Lumia 800  is in the 5th ranking . It was a long wait for the first Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone OS. And we believe that wait has been a long but successful one. The Lumia 800 seems to be a well designed package - with looks far superior than any other WP phone out there, an excellent display, good battery life and a UI that is thrashing Android's ageing UI hands down.  The Various Pros are : 
- Unique yet brilliant design
- Classy yet solid build quality
- Excellent UI on WP 7.5 - Live Tiles particularly
- Very good display - particularly for multimedia consumption
- Contact handling much improved with Mango update
- Battery life doesn't disappoint

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