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Nvidia hascreated a new set of tools and utilities that it has bundled together in theform of Nvidia DesignWorks VR. DesignWorks VR offers APIs, libraries, and otherfeatures that have been created Nvidia to enable both virtual reality headsetand application developers to create amazing VR experience for the range of newhardware that is becoming available.


VR SLIprovides increased performance for virtual reality apps where multiple GPUs canbe assigned a specific eye to dramatically accelerate stereo rendering. As partof Designworks VR, VR SLI is available both in DirectX and OpenGL Multi-ResShading is an innovative new rendering technique for VR whereby each part of animage is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of thewarped image.


Multi-ResShading uses Maxwell’s multi-projection architecture to render multiple scaledviewports in a single pass, delivering substantial performance improvements.Warp & Blend API’s provide application independent geometery correctionsand intensity adjustments across entire desktops to create a seamless VR CAVEenvironments. Warp & Blend API’s enable all the above adjustments forprestine image quality without introducing any latency.


GPU Affinityprovides dramatic performance improvements by managing the placement ofgraphics and rendering workloads across multiple GPU’s. This providesdevelopers fine grain control to pin OGL contexts to specific GPU’s NVIDIAprovides various synchronization techniques to prevent tearing and imagemisalignent while creating one large desktop that is driven from multiple GPU’sor clusters.


Various technologies like Frame Lock, StereoLock, Swap Groups & Swap Barriers are available to help developers designseamless and expansive VR CAVE & Cluster environments NVIDIA’s GPU Directfor Video technology enables low latency video transfers to and from the GPUenabling developers to seamlessly overlay video and graphics into VRenvironments For more information on the new Nvidia DesignWorks VR applicationsjump over to the Nvidia website for details and to register your interest inusing them to develop your next VR project.

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