Microsoft working on software to convert Android phones to Windows 10

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After Microsoft announced on their blog post that Windows 10 will release this summer, the company also added that it is working with Chinese handset maker Xiaomi to offer some customers a test version of Windows 10 on their smartphones.

Microsoft wrote said that, it will help a select group of Xiaomi Mi4 users ‘flash’ their phones with the new Windows 10 OS on their handsets and let them contribute to its future release later this year. These users will then use Windows 10 on their Mi4 devices and provide valuable feedback. Xiaomi stresses that this is not a partnership but an initiative. This move portrays Microsoft’s new platform through a unique approach.

As the company uses the word ‘flash’ here, it indicates that Microsoft will offer a ROM, similar to custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, to install their OS on the Android smartphone. Microsoft will deliver Windows 10 ROM for Mi 4 users with a software that helps convert an Android phone into a Windows 10 phone, complete with access to all Microsoft services, added the report. 

But the bigger news is that Microsoft will soon be rolling out this feature out to other devices as well.

With this move, Microsoft could attract many Android users to Windows 10, without having the need to to purchase another phone. Microsoft also added in their blog that China is an ideal market for testing such an initiative, given the region’s relative lack of lock-in to Google services and a general affinity towards custom ROMs.

The availability for Windows 10 on Xiaomi Mi 4 will be announced in a few months.

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