Dying Light Sales Pass 5 million, Sequel

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Sincelaunching on PS4, Xbox One and PC systems at the beginning of this year theDying Light game has now been reported to have sold more than 5 million copies.


Thanks tothese great sales, which were slightly unexpected by the games developersTechland, the development of a sequel Dying Light 2 is already underway.


A new DyingLight DLC has also been created in the form of The Following that will cost$14.99 when it goes on sale and will be free to Season Pass holders. As yet norelease date has been announced for the new DLC.


The DyingLight The Following DLC will add over 10 hours of extra content for experiencedplayers thanks to a brand-new campaign that includes a huge new ruralenvironment that takes players outside of the games city for the first time.


Tech landProducer Tymon Smektala explained more in a recent interview with VideoGamerduring last weeks Gamescon 2015 event.


To behonest, I think even we are a little surprised by the scope of our success. Weknew that we’d made a good game. If you are a gamer, even if you make games youare still a gamer, so we know the game is good when you feel that rush when youplay.

So we knew that Dying Light is a good game, we knowit’s going to be successful, but that successful? We are in the 10 best-sellinggames in the US right now for the first half of the year, so tremendoussuccess. More than 5 million copies sold.

Source : http://www.videogamer.com/ps4/dying_light_the_following/news/dying_light_has_sold_5_million_copies_the_following_dlc_to_be_10_hours_long.html

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