Details Leaked about playable Characters in GTA 5

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Well now we are going to tell our users about characters they would be playing in one of the most awaited game of the season “Grand Theft Auto 5”. As we all know it has been such a fun playing all the version of this game and none of them according to us has been disappointing performance in the graphic presentation and the feel of the game. We hope the same with this game, each of the gamers have been waiting to have look over this game and this is very well known by the developers, and we hope that’s the reason it has been delayed quite a few time to present the best for the users.  

Well the characters are below.

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  • You’ll play as 42 year old Albert DeSilva, a half-American, half-Puerto Rican US citizen with an ex-wife and two children.

  • Breaking Bad is a subtle reference with Albert turning to crime late in his life.

  • You’ll also play as Dougie Vejo who is a younger criminal living in Los Santos.

  • Grove Street will appear in the game, but Carl and Sweet will not.

  • Albert lost his money in a ‘ponzi scheme’ and this is his prime concern.

  • Players will be able to customize clothes/hair/facial hair, but there won’t be any gyms or tattoos.

  • There could be characters from GTA 4. The article hints ‘one or more’ may show up.

  • Car customization will be back, but this could just focused on Dougie’s character (although this could also be connected with Albert’s mid-life crisis).

  • You’ll be able to play mini-games such as golf, tennis and surfing.

  • The mission played for the GameInformer cover was called ‘Alimony’ and featured the scene from the trailer where characters robbed a jewellery store.

  • Songs confirmed are: My Michelle: Guns & Roses, Magic Power: Triumph, California Dreaming: The Beach Boys and Beautiful: Snoop Dog (featuring Pharrell).

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