Realease date for Planetside 2

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Sony Online Entertainment has announced the official launch of the New planetside 2 MMO FPS and it is been said to release on November 20 2012. This game is into the beta testing for some time. This game has been built upon and excellent game play created in the first planetside game which was launched back in may 2003, offering gamers massive battles between, 2,00+ players simultaneously.

The new game has all the best features from the previous release and has been enhanced with the latest features which may have made this game one of the well enhanced first person shooter game. It has enhanced hits boxes and the game play together an improvement in it, they have also got a great graphic presentation and we are sorry to say that you got to improve your pc performance to enjoy the latest performance of the game.


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One of very important news regarding this story would be, SOE planetside 2new versions would be Free-2-Play from start. To advance quicker or to purchaseadditional weapons or credit or some abilities the gamers would have to pay. Youcan also enter beta testing before its launch for $49.99. For more informationvisit official site of planetside 2.

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