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Ahead of itsKickstarter campaign the Australian development team behind the eora iPhone 3Dscannerhave unveiled details of their latest creation providing images of theprototype hardware.

 iPhone Eora 3D Scanner

Eora has beendesigned to provide users with a low-cost scanning device that is compatiblewith Apple’s iPhone smartphone and uses the processing power to create detailed3D scans of objects.


The eoraKickstarter campaign will be launching next month and is a finalist inAustralia’s Seedstars World global start-up competition with the results beingannounced next March.


To measure thedepth and contours of objects while scanning the eora iPhone 3D scanner uses a5mW green laser at the 520nm wavelength. The result say it developers resultsin a colour 3D model with sub-100 micron accuracy.


The iPhone 3Dscanner can either be used in a freeform mode or mounted to a tripod fordesktop objects. With the use of the a Bluetooth turntable the system iscapable of capturing an object that is 200 mm in height in roughly 5 minutes.


Rahul Koduri,co-founded of the company with Richard Boers and Asfand Khan explained in arecent interview : Our 3D scanner is perfect for scanning clay models and otherorganic shapes which can be difficult to produce from scratch using ComputerAided Design software.”


He continues,“We already have a jewellery designer in Sydney who uses the scanner to proofmoulds before sending them to the manufacturer. We’re also working with 3DPrinting Studios, an Australian 3D printing service which is making our scanneravailable to a handful of customers – it’s all about putting accurate 3D scanningwithin reach of more people.


As soon as theKickstarter campaign goes live we will keep you updated as always.Unfortunately at the current time no indication of pricing has been unveiled.

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