Built-in malware scanner for Android devices

  17-10-2012 8:06:05 AM    Posted by Vinay

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A string files in the latest Google Play store update'sAndroid application package hints that the store may come with a built-inmalware scanner in the near future.

According to Android Police, this string would be having an“App Check” and it would be fully capable of detecting which application is suspicious and which one is not for your android device. This string would be consisting of various pop up’s while installing the application to your android device saying would you like Google to check this application if it is an virus threat or it can also check up all the applications already installed in your device to keep your device virus free. It is a good move by Google which would help each android user’s mostly to the non technical guys to keep their device virus free.

Back in February, Google had introduced Bouncer, a feature that automatically scanned new and existing applications on the app store. The feature however alerted the developers about possible problems with their apps.The new “App Check” option is likely to focus on notifying the average Androidusers about such suspicious content.

Google is finally considering malware as a genuine threat to the Android OS. By Graham Cluley (Sophos security researcher)

"Anything Google can do to help better protect Android users against the growing tide of malware on the platform has to been couraged," Sophos security researcher Graham Cluley said. "It's areal turnaround from what senior Google people were saying late last year, when they called anti-virus vendors 'scammers and charlatans'."

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