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In the month of October Google Android will be celebrating its 5th Anniversary , It might be the day when Google will lauch its new Android OS 5 Key Lime Pie(KLP). 

From the perspective of user we will be eager to see some features in the upcoming Android OS . 
This new mobile operating system is expected to be working with wide ranges of devices and with those above 512 RAM.

The Features that Techgyaani wants to see in upcoming Android 5 KLP .

1) Improvement in Security 
    Google play store comes with many infiltrated apps containing numerous malware.
A patch is being rolled out as we speak, it’s another major sign that Google needs to do more to ensure its devices are safer.

2) Child friendly modes 
Feature that Microsoft introduces in Windows Phone 8 OS was Kids Corner where user was able         to lock sensitive apps like emails, while handing the device to kids . we would like to see Google introducing this feature.

3) Find my Android 
With the firm’s extensive mapping service, and GPS included into handset, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Google to build this functionality into the heart of the OS.

4) Offline Maps 
        Nokia has been leading the way in this field by allowing users to download comprehensive guidance and then use it for free offline. iOS already provides the feature of turning off the location services on individual apps.

5) Improved battery life and performance
        The rumor is upgradation will make the android Android less memory hungry. 

6) Enhanced Multitasking
 Googles Android has been leading in the term of multitasking in mobile computing , users gets the privilage of using multiple apps.
With the forthcoming Galaxy S4, Samsung will allow users to snap two apps onto the screen of the 5in device, so they can be used at the same time. It’ll be possible to watch videos when replying to emails, or surf the internet and make notes.
It would be nice to see that Google taking  initiative and make a multitasking feature like this standard across all high-end handsets.

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