Video: Bitcoin Wallet to keep Bitcoin Mining Rewards safe from hackers

  09-12-2017 5:10:43 PM   Posted by: Amit   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
With the price of bitcoin surging to historic highs this week, it’s never been more important to make sure that you keep your bitcoin mining horde safe, an off-line cold bitcoin wallet is one way to do this. Launched just a few weeks ago the HooFoo bitcoin wallet has now past its required pledge Read More.......
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How To Control Your Environment Through Smart Light ? (Video)

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What ifthe light in the room could sense you waving your hand as you enter? And whatif it responded by introducing minute light changes that instructed your smartcoffee machine to switch on? Researchers at Dartmouth College have developed asensing system called LiSense that aims to make the light ar Read More.......
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Astronauts Do Space Harvest For The First Time

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The International Space Station (ISS) was the scene of an historic lunch this week with the crew members of Expedition 44 dining on the first meal harvested in space. The dish, which consisted on leaves of "Outredgeous" red romaine lettuce grown in NASA's "Veggie" zero-grav Read More.......
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FDA Approves Drug to boost female libido

  19-08-2015 9:16:41 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
The first ever prescription pill to boost women's libido has won the approval of US regulators. Addyi got the final nod from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday after three 24-week trials showed it to offer an increase in sexual desire in premenopausal women, though the agency does war Read More.......
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Solar Sports Car To Offer Unlimited Range On Sunny Days

  18-08-2015 10:38:49 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
If you’ve ever scanned the comments section on an electric car or bike article, you’ll be familiar with this complaint: "that’s not green, it’s just a coal-powered vehicle.   " Well,not this one. The Immortus is an electric car built to generate its own power through some 7 sq m (75 Read More.......
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Astronomers discover the biggest thing in the Universe

  18-08-2015 9:59:28 AM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
An image of the distribution of GRBs on the sky at a distance of 7 billion light years, centred on the newly discovered ring – the positions of the GRBs are marked by blue dots (Credit: L. Balazs) There's some pretty big stuff out there in the Universe, but how big is the biggest?According to a Read More.......
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Nvidia DesignWorks VR Virtual Reality Design Applications

  14-08-2015 2:22:34 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
Nvidia hascreated a new set of tools and utilities that it has bundled together in theform of Nvidia DesignWorks VR. DesignWorks VR offers APIs, libraries, and otherfeatures that have been created Nvidia to enable both virtual reality headsetand application developers to create amazing VR experience Read More.......
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Congratulate Google CEO Sundar Pichai on facebook

  13-08-2015 1:56:53 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
 Sundar Pichai , whowas on Monday elevated to the post of the CEO at Google. Pichai is just thesecond person to lead a Global IT firm after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella becamethe CEO of Microsoft in February 2014. On Tuesday IIT-Kharagpur opened a Facebook page tocongratulate its 1989-batc Read More.......
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Bug in Adobe Flash software

  02-07-2015 6:25:18 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
Yes, it is true. Cybercriminals have found the bug in Adobe Flash software, which they are taking full advantage. There are two kits which fails the computer in many ways & which help to get the bug. Kafeine the French secutity researcher has found this. He said that "more people Read More.......
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Has facebook really changed it logo

  02-07-2015 6:18:11 PM   Posted by: Vinay   # Comments >> 0 Comments..
As we all Know what Facebook is, Lets redefine it once again its an public site which connect people world wide. Although it never matters anyone like it or not. Not only it helps to connect people but also helps in knowing that person more furthermore it also help to earn, enjoy, fun, time pass, me Read More.......
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