Driving Spider Car

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What if we say you can now get a spider car swingingwith ridiculous degree and with fully independent suspension and furthermore allowingthe driver to keep upright over some very strange terrain?     Check out this video and images to find newspider car defining a new ex Read More.......
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Egg-shaped tiny house

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Bratislava,Slovakia-based Nice Architects made quite a splash when it unveiled its Eco capsule micro-shelter back in May, even though all we had to go on at the time were some interesting renders. In the months since, the firm has turned pixels into prototype product, and hopes to start shipping its Read More.......
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e-raw electric moto pushes the boundaries of traditional motorcycle design

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The electric bike segment must be such an exciting opportunity for budding motorcycle designers.Instead of making window dressing for an increasingly complex combustion engine, you're dealing with an incredibly simple, compact motor and a flexibly shaped battery package. Plus, nobody has decided wha Read More.......
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Electric Folding Bike Unveiled

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There areplenty of folding bikes available to purchase around the world and some of themare even equipped with extra power in the form of electric folding bikes.    However if you are looking for something alittle more rugged that is capable of being used on a variety of differenttrains Read More.......
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Sensor That Lets You Know When A Location Is Crowded

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A new sensorhas been created called Density, that has been designed to be positioned in thedoorway of a location such as a coffee shop or restaurant. To enable users tothem check using the companion application or website just how busy thelocation is. The Density sensors can be installed into a prem Read More.......
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Axe That Is Smarter Enough To Work With Less Effort

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One of an oldest tool for an mankind has got a new update, When we talk about using Axe in day today life the first thing strikes is let have a good amount of energy been restored because it would be a hard day out, But it’s no more the same as before. Leveraxe Axeis a redesigned Axe by a team of a Read More.......
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Eora iPhone 3D Scanner

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Ahead of itsKickstarter campaign the Australian development team behind the eora iPhone 3Dscannerhave unveiled details of their latest creation providing images of theprototype hardware.   Eora has beendesigned to provide users with a low-cost scanning device that is compatiblewith Apple’s i Read More.......
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Electric Scooter New Mode Of Transport

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City dwellerslooking for a new mode of transport to help them get around, may be interestedin the skujou cruise electric scooter that has been created to provide a 12mile range and a top speed of 19 mph.  Source : http://www.skujou.com/ Designed inGermany the skujou cruise has been deve Read More.......
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Next Generation GPS Dog Collar

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Squeaker hascreated a new next-generation GPS dog collar called Buddy that they haveequipped with a wealth of features to help keep your dog safe while trackingand organising your pets daily activities.   Buddy has beendesigned to be able to connect dog owners with their pets like never befo Read More.......
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Ring With Bluetooth Notification Wearable

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Omate andFrench fashion house Emanuel Ungaro have today introduced a new wearable devicein the form of the Ungaro ring, that allows user to receive notifications asvibrations through the ring.   The new Ungaroring is available to purchase with prices starting from $500 and climbing to ama Read More.......
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